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Homeless Alone and Abandoned

December 22, 2011

Well, I’ve finally decided to post my experiences of being homeless for two months.  I’ve managed on my own, but am very tired.  No drug/alcohol problems, simply let financial circumstances get too bad.  I was caring for my mother while trying to start a resale business, and it didn’t work.  Spent two months exclusively caring for her and did no business.

My sister who is doing well, doesn’t want visitors over three days. I haven’t told anyone in my family of my financial circumstances.  I’ve slept in a bed 4 times since September 16th, when said sister moved out all of my mother’s furniture. I’ve loaned my bed to her youngest son.  Knowing my sisters, they’ve looked at my loans as a gift.


So I’ll start from now, and go back.

I sneak into my storage. I have to get up early and make my way through the back of an apartment complex.  I worry that I’ll be detected and the cops will be called. It happened one night when I was parking my car and a squad car arrived.  Fortunately my engine was running, so the officer just said that he was concerned about robberies and didn’t ask for ID.  I found a more secure location to park, and do not wait around after parking.

I have several routes to get to my storage.  Sometimes I drive my vehicle in and park it in an empty storage area.  Twice a week. Other times, I go to my storage and sleep on an old couch that I have set up in the back. The lock is the type that does not allow me to be locked inside. 

Hygiene:  I showered last night in a cold rain. After two months, it doesn’t bother me.  I have a small space heater set up to dry myself, so it is really more refreshing than discomforting.  On other days, I have baby wipes and clean myself.  I have coffee at a fast food restaurant early in the AM, so I wash my hair and shave there.  I’ve learned to do both at night there before closing, as I’m always there and don’t want the staff to see a pattern. Once an assistant came in while I was shaving in the morning. So when I arrive looking somewhat neat, they don’t think I’m there to bath.

More later.


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